Letter: Over the top spending

Published: 1/4/2022 7:01:00 AM

Modified: 1/4/2022 7:00:20 AM

America is not at war, not even threatened by one. At the same time Congress authorizes record breaking military expenditure? $778 billion is truly record breaking, more than the Pentagon asked for! That budget exceeds all domestic discretionary spending more than is designated for climate chaos, justice, highways, housing, agriculture, poverty, health, and more combined. It exceeds the military spending of the next eleven countries, allies and adversaries.

The U.S. maintains about 750 military bases in 85 countries around the world. We spend $2 trillion for long-term care of our veterans, wounded and permanently damaged in undeclared wars. About 40% of this spending goes to military contractors. Couldn’t some of all this war spending be used to make things better here at home or to slow the the COVID pandemic that keeps evolving worldwide.? What do we have to show for the massive amount of money spent since 9/11? I’d say this money has brought more danger of shooting and bombing wars, possibly with nuclear powers of Russia and China. There are nuclear weapons in the hands of nine countries and perhaps some militant groups without country names attached. Iran is not a nuclear power on the list. I know that this sounds like a blown-up version of the story, but you can check it at the Brown University Costs of War website. There are loads of other easily found sources. Ask your senators and representatives about this.

Tom Moore


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