LETTER: Troubled by military-style weapons | Letters

An AR-15 and AK-47 are military style weapons. During the Vietnam War, the M16-A1 rifle was used by the United States Army, During training with the Army, you are taught two important facts. 1. You treat the weapon that it is always loaded. 2. You never point the weapon at anyone unless the objective was to kill them. These weapons can have a clip holding either 15 rounds or 30 rounds. Every time you pull the trigger, the weapon will fire. You were trained to respect the weapon not as a toy but a weapon to kill the enemy.

For us who served during the Vietnam War, it is troubling to see citizens carrying a military-style weapon on the streets of our cities. Police are trained to use them only in times needed to preserve peace in society. I hope this helps in your opinion on the use of military-style weapons in an open society.

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