Libyan Air Force – To Fly or Not to Fly – Questions In the Zone – Libya at the Ultimate Crossroads

There sure is a lot of debris in the world media on how the United States is bogged down in Iraq and Afghanistan, and cannot fight on another front, as if it is some sort of reason or excuse why the United States will not implement a no-fly zone in Libya. The reality is that two fighter squadrons operating off an aircraft carrier using satellites and AWACS planes could easily unilaterally institute a no-fly zone successfully.

Of course, every time the US tries to do something unilaterally, it turns into a media fiasco with the rest of the world, therefore they have turned over some of the decision-making, at least the Obama Administration has to the UN, Arab League of Nations, and NATO to put together a coalition, and a committee to decide what to do. In other words, they have given the upper hand to Khadafy, because committees aren’t much good when fighting a war.

Now many are reporting including Al Jazeera, Russian TV, and CNN that the rebels are losing the fight, and that Qaddafi will once again with his family prevail. This is an unfortunate ending to a rather interesting social media protest and demonstration beginning. Luckily, for the rest of the world the oil will most likely continue to flow, or most of it.

In fact, there was a very interesting article in the Wall Street Journal on Friday, March 11, 2011, the same day as the huge 8.9 Japanese mega-quake. The article was titled “They Just Keep Bombing in Bombing” by Charles Levinson, Margaret Coker, and Sam Dagher (who are all in Libya on the ground) as that is just what’s going on in Libya and how the rebel resistance force to Khadafy’s military are completely outmatched, outgunned, and are often running away.

Creating a no-fly zone would keep the helicopters and aircraft from attacking the rebels, but it wouldn’t be able to stop the armored vehicles, tanks, and blitz of special forces of the Libyan military. In other words if the US military got involved and they wanted the rebels to win, they would have to engage the Libyan Army with airstrikes, thus, the no-fly zone could quickly escalate.

The reality is when nations begin to crumble or regimes begin to crack, if the US wants to do something about it, it has to move quickly, and it cannot just simply vote “present” as is the Obama’s historical method of operation. Now some might call President Obama unfit to lead, but I’m not going to do this in the article here, he may very well be unfit to lead, but in this case his hesitation and prudence may prove to be the best tactic for the United States considering the current geopolitical spectrum of events. Please consider all this.

Source by Lance Winslow

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