Palestine Human Shields, New War Teachings

Palestine Human Shields, New War Teachings

It is as shame, and outright disgrace when warriors, such as Hamas, cower to such levels as hiding behind the walls of so called innocent skirts, women and children. When I see this it tells me they have no pride, or dignity (I’m sure Allah is the only one proud of them, the hoofed Allah that is), and any willing Palestine that sits on a roof, or in the front yard eating pizza and drinking coke, thinking they are a hero in the deadly war with Israel (as Hamas sneak out the back to kill more Jew), should find a hole to hide in, and this haven of sorts, should be considered a military target, with or with its civilian guards; they are like militant mice while the feministic Military Rats dot the map of what cities in Israel will be hit the next day.

In war, any willing participate can be considered a soldier, thus, these women and children and men who sit around outside with no soldier uniforms on, are soldiers, even if they wish to be called civilians. Thus, they are enabling Hamas, the ones that think they are the heroes, to go about killing at will and running back to their Starbucks, for coffee time–with out reprisal, thus, they are subject to be killed as warriors, and should be looked upon that way; plus they go to paradise soon (you can’t get anything better than that); just like any other soldier, and I’d not lose any sleep over blowing that house off the map, right to kingdom come, and Israeli Prime Minister Ehud Olmert had a right to criticized a UN resolution passed on Friday that calls on UN Secretary General Kofi Annan to scorn Israel.

Annan, no better than the Antichrist, is not worth even quoting, and should have been thrown out of the UN long ago, if anyone is a mass murderer, it is he and his African cowardness, when he could have prevented many lives, he looked the other way; father like son: he most likely taught his son to be a thief also.

Dedicated to the PLO, and Annan.

Source by Dennis Siluk Dr.h.c.

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