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Turkish occupation state has launched an attack on legitimate defense zones since April of last year, and despite its use of all kinds of weapons, Guerrilla fighters made a great resistance, which prompted Turkish occupation army to use chemical weapons.

The continuous crimes of Turkish state aroused the political and social figures, which demanded the international community to intervene to stop Turkish occupation crimes.

Amin Aliko, member of the General Council of PYD, condemned Turkish state crimes, and said, “The violations practiced by Turkish state in legitimate defense areas are not new,  because Turkey has a long bloody record that it inherited from its Ottoman ancestors”.

International silence encourages Turkey

Aliko touched on Turkish state’s continued perpetration of crimes against the Kurds and Guerrilla, with the international silence, and said: “The international silence regarding Turkey’s violations makes it a partner to it. It also encourages it to continue its crimes.”

Turkey revenges for ISIS and seeks to revive it again

Aliko added Turkey is attacking the only force (Guerilla) that has managed to defeat the most powerful mercenary group in the world, ISIS, and said: “Although the Guerilla defeated ISIS in Shengal, but once again Turkey seeks to revive ISIS mercenaries again through their use of chemical weapons against Guerilla forces in legitimate defense zones.

He stressed the need for international community to intervene to stop Turkish state’s use of chemical weapons against the People Defense Forces, and said: “The silence of international community regarding Turkey’s use of chemical weapons is evidence of the existence of common interests between them”.

Turkey fails to fight Guerrilla

For her part, Roshen Mousa, member of Women’s Council of PYD, touched on the resistance shown by Guerrilla in the legitimate defense areas, which inflicted heavy losses on Turkish state, and said: “The victories achieved by guerrilla push Turkey to use chemical weapons, as it is unable to make any progress, Despite of its modern weapons.

Roshen Mousa also said: “Turkey wants to break the will of the people, because there is a strong connection between the people and Guerrilla fighters.” As for the silence of the countries regarding Turkish state’s use of chemical weapons, she said: “everything indicates that the international community is a partner to Turkey in its crimes”.

Roshen appealed to the international community to intervene to put an end to the Turkish state and prevent it from using chemical weapons, and said: “We condemn the attacks launched by Turkish state on legitimate defense areas using chemical weapons.”

Also, Mustafa Hammo, member of the General Council of PYD, indicated that Turkish state is doing its best to obstruct the struggle of Kurdistan Freedom Movement, but it fails every time, and said, “Turkey is doing everything it can to obstruct the struggle of Kurdistan’s Freedom Movement, as it has resorted to using internationally prohibited weapons”.

He added, “Although all the countries of the world have agreed on a law prohibiting the use of chemical weapons, they see what the Turkish state is doing and do nothing”.



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