The Flow of Nuclear Weapon Proliferation Isn’t Acceptable at Current Levels

Far too many rogue nation-states either have, or are seeking nuclear weapon capabilities. It wasn’t more than 50 years ago when only two nations had ever had to nuclear weapon capabilities. The NAZIs were working on their first nuclear weapons, but luckily as the war expanded, that operation was destroyed in World War II. However, that technology was later taken to a higher level by the United States.

Eventually, both Russia and the United States had nuclear weapons and now more than a dozen nations have nuclear weapons, and unfortunately every decade more are added to the list, and it is at an alarming rate. Indeed, I have my own views as to which nation states will have the capability in the next decade. Amongst this list are nations are; Vietnam, Thailand, Venezuela, Iran, Brazil, Syria, Libya, Algeria, and there are others I suspect as well.

Not long ago, an acquaintance and I were discussing this topic, and they said; “I sincerely hope your wrong. I’m not a big fan of such an outcome.” Of course, I had to tell them that my perspective on this issue is not based on some whimsical dream. It is based on intelligence, known information, and political will. So, I stated; “Since you’ve seen the flow of nuclear proliferation charts of the past, and you are not a big fan of that either? If nothing changes, why should we expect any different outcome in the future?”

The reality is that the flow of nuclear weapons proliferation is not acceptable at the current levels, and if you look at a graph of how many additional nations are coming online with this capacity, the upward trend is quite alarming. We’d be naïve and foolish to believe that it will not continue unless something is drastically done. Indeed, hope you please consider this.

Source by Lance Winslow

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