The US Military Is Having Trouble Controlling Its Budget – Gee, I Wonder Why?

Sometimes it amazes me how the political correctness and bureaucracy can destroy the efficiency of the greatest fighting force ever assembled in the history humankind, and the best military in the solar system. However, I do realize that bureaucracy and political correctness much like the Borg, can destroy just about anything. Okay so, you probably want a case in point, or an example and I’ll be happy to give you one for this article.

You see, not too long ago there was an article in the Wall Street Journal by Shirley S Wang titled; “Doubt Cast on Military Trash Pits’ Health Ills,” published on November 1, 2011. The article stated that; “studies show the rate of respiratory illness in veterans who served in the Middle East to be higher than those who served at US bases.” And then it went on to talk about the burning of trash in pits out in the middle of the desert by forward deployed military personnel.

In fact, the article also stated that the military committee studying this noted that the pollutants were “quite high, substantially higher than EPA standards,” and to that I have to ask the question, seriously I have to ask the question; so what? Does the EPA also realize that blowing sand is not necessarily good for your lungs either? If they don’t know that maybe they should move to one of the desert communities here the United States. Respiratory problems are greater in those areas than in the Midwest part of the US.

Nobody said fighting a war was going to be good for your health, as a matter fact when someone shoots live bullets at you, is that good for your health? Well, is it? If you are driving down a road which the insurgents may have planted IEDs on, would you consider that good for your health? Would you wish to compare that to the average number of miles driven on US highways and our accident rate here at home? Well would you?

Seriously, I would like to ask who is paying for these studies and hiring all these academics to do these ridiculous research reports, and then have them printed in major national newspapers as if there is some sort of scandal going on? Seriously, I would like to know. And it’s not that I don’t care about our veterans, I very much do, what bothers me is the insanity of the politically correct neoliberal socialist left-leaning thinkers. War is hell, it has always been like that, and when you join the military you know you might be in the thick of it some time.

One can only hope that the fire you are involved with is in a pit burning trash that you put their in a fire that you created, rather than from incoming ordinance from the enemy. Indeed I’d like you to please consider that.

Source by Lance Winslow

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