Time to Bring in the Military Tunneling Robots to Do the Dirty-Sandy Work

Okay so, it is quite obvious that the Islamic Republic of Iran has absolutely no intention of stopping its nuclear weapons program. The economic sanctions have not worked, and probably will not work because they don’t seem to be followed by Russia, China, or India, or a number of other nations that rely on Iran for oil. You can understand why those other nations cannot cut off the hand that’s feeding them. However, in the case of Russia and China, we know they are selling the Iranians advanced weapon systems. Okay so let’s talk about this for a second shall we?

What’s the answer you ask? Well obviously the United States, UN, IAEA, Arab League, and our other international partners have not leaned on Iran hard enough, and one could even go so far as to state that it is the fault of our own international diplomacy strategy, because we haven’t tried very hard, and we’ve tried alternate means that haven’t worked. We are now left in a pickle. The Iranians will soon have a nuclear weapon, so it’s too late for more sanctions, and since they are a state sponsor of proxy terrorist groups, the world needs to start fearing a new era of nuclear terrorism.

Now then, it’s time for military action of some type. I recommend that we use our special advanced weapon system tunneling Robots to do the dirty and sandy work for us. In other words, we need to drill underground to those subterranean nuclear weapons labs and facilities that Iran has, and destroy them. Then, we merely deny it, and leave all those caved-in facilities buried underground. Since we obviously have this technology, we may as well use it.

We have many options here, as we can bring the ease tunneling robots in and tunnel in from Iraq, Afghanistan, or even from the other side of the Persian Gulf underneath the gulf and on into Iran. Since it could take several weeks to get this done, because these tunneling Robots, and the larger tunneling vessels move very slow, we need to get started with this right away. And then we simply drill down in across to every single one of those underground facilities, set the charges, and implode them.

Who knows, maybe the United States has already been doing this, and they are ready to detonate these underground facilities at any time. Perhaps, in the next few months we may see that happen. I can’t believe Iran doesn’t know of all these advanced systems, I thought they were common knowledge amongst all the intelligence community and black project people?

Anyway, it is time for Iran to come clean on its nuclear weapons facilities, and stop playing games. Whereas they believe they can defend themselves, they certainly have no way to defend themselves from underground attack. The only way to do that is to set off earthquakes with nuclear weapons, underground. Since Iran now has a nuclear weapon maybe they should try that?

The only problem in doing that is they will implode their own facilities, which actually is fine by me, if they’d like to go that route, but if not we can help them get all that done, no problem really. Indeed I hope you will please consider all this and think on.

Source by Lance Winslow

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