US is Urging a Ban On The High Tech and Military Sales To Iran

The Iranian President has promised to blow Israel off the map. The nation state we call Iran is a sponsor of international terrorist organizations. Iran is also known to have sent insurgents and weapons into Iraq to disrupt the new government, start a Civil War and tea all American troops. The United States of America is now urging a ban on the sale of high tech weapons in advanced military hardware to Iran.

The Iranian President is pushing its nation towards war by continually threatening the Western world and to wean nuclear weapons research and atomic bomb building in the United States fears for the safety of her allies and the peoples of those countries. Since Iran sponsors international terrorist organizations, which are known to kill innocent civilians, the United States of America cannot allow Iran to build, possess or distribute nuclear weapons to international terrorist organizations.

Further, the United States has also asked that the United Nations put sanctions on Iran to prevent the sale of military equipment hardware in an effort to avert world war 3. As Iran pushes closer towards war, we know that war is inevitable and probable in fact most likely. Iran has stated that any intervention, strategic strike or efforts to prevent them from building nuclear weapons will result in them carrying out mass international terrorist strikes on civilian populations of the Western world. Iran must be stopped, there can be no debate and everyone knows you cannot negotiate with international terrorist and that only a fool would try. The United States of America is not a fool. Thank you very much.

Source by Lance Winslow

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