Wicked Lasers S3 Arctic – Learn Where to Find One Cheap Online

The Wicked Lasers S3 Arctic has recently become the most popular laser pointer in history. This is no surprising fact considering the fashion in which it gained global recognition, in the form of a very sudden and very public threat regarding a potential copyright infringement lawsuit. The culprit, none other than Lucas Films, George Lucas’ company dedicated to everything and anything Star Wars.

The story broke a few months back about the 1 Watt class IV blue laser when California based Lucas Films sent a cease and desist letter to the manufacturer claiming that the Spyder III arctic too closely resembled the famous Jedi and Sith weapons, the light saber.

With coverage from news agencies like CNN, Fox News, ABC, Gizmodo as well as other tech blogs, the story quickly shifted from the potential lawsuit to where and when could people find the wicked lasers s3 to buy online. The story got even more fuel when Wicked used eBay to publicly auction off the desist letter using social networks like Facebook to build hype and snub Lucas films on a variety of levels. This created a swarm of traffic and demand for the spyder 3 laser which can only be found from two sources, only one of which is united states based.

So if you’re looking to buy an s3 arctic, you want to do some research and make sure that you really do require a blue beam of laser light at an output of 1 watt. This is not a toy and has the ability to pop balloons, light matches, and can be seen for more than 10 miles in the night sky. Also, the price of the s3 arctic is pretty cheap considering the huge power and high tech design incorporated into each and every spyder 3.

All in all, you can still buy a wicked lasers s3 arctic online if you know where to look as they’re still legal and FDA certified, be sure to do some research into laser safety measures and always exercise caution whenever handling high powered lasers.

Source by Jim Bradley

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