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World Day of War Orphans 2022: Every year on January 6, the World Day of War Orphans is recognized. Because of the coronavirus pandemic, the day has taken on even more relevance this year. Global disasters, such as a pandemic, are sure to have the greatest impact on orphan children. The World Day of War Orphans 2022 reminds the world that caring for children in awful conditions is a duty, particularly in the face of a pandemic. Children who have been injured in a gunfight or separated from their families require particular care in order to heal the mental wounds of war, begin school, and restart normal life.

The World Day of War Orphans is marked to draw attention to the condition of children who are orphaned as a result of a war or any other conflict. Youngsters become one of the most susceptible populations, facing starvation, relocation, insufficient health care, and poor education. Children who have been orphaned are constantly subjected to social and emotional discrimination.


The French organisation SOS Enfants en Detresses founded the World Day of War Orphans. The day has given worldwide communities the opportunity to address the plight of war orphans. That has evolved into a global humanitarian and social catastrophe which is worsening by the day.

According to UNICEF estimates, the number of orphans in affluent nations is quite low. Their numbers, however, are much larger in areas affected by wars and major diseases. According to another estimate, World War II left millions of orphans in Europe, including more than 300,000 in Poland and 200,000 in Yugoslavia alone. The goal of this day is to commemorate war orphans and to make people aware of their obligation to support youngsters in crisis-affected places.

You may honour the day by distributing information about war orphans on social media and urging your friends to re-post or share it. Donate to war relief money and express your thoughts on the necessity of protecting the protection of war orphans. You can also make a donation to their welfare or by giving such war orphans a shelter where they can be cared for.

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