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Boebert’s objections to NDAA don’t make sense

I read Congresswoman Lauren Boebert’s piece in the Sentinel in which she offers excuses for initially voting against the National Defense Authorization Act and now asks us to praise her for finally voting to fund our military. Her reasons for voting against the original bill are reflective of her inability to understand what is best for her constituents and this country.

First, she claims that the original bill would allow the drafting of “our daughters” despite the fact that no draft exists and despite the fact that requiring women to register for the draft is consistent with gender equality and received bipartisan support from the House and Senate Armed Forces Committees.

Her second objection to the original bill was a “red flag” law for the military, which would allow the removal of guns from military members who were involved with domestic abuse or showing signs of mental illness. One wonders what is wrong with removing guns from people demonstrating mental illness or abuse toward their family members.

Next, she objects to paying Department of Defense contractors a living wage of $15 per hour. I guess she doesn’t pay that to her gun-toting waitresses at Shooters Grill, so why worry about anyone else trying to support a family on minimum wage?

She also has a problem with the creation of a Counter Extremism Office being established in the military, an issue about which three retired generals have recently warned since nearly 10% of the insurrectionists who stormed the capitol had been in the military.

She also objects to requiring military members to be vaccinated against COVID despite the fact that they are required to receive several other vaccines. If you are worried about national security, you should want a healthy military.

Finally, she claims opposition to the Wilderness and CORE Acts, which seek to protect the landscape that makes Colorado beautiful. Of course, such protection is apparently not in the interest of the oil and gas industry, which supports Boebert and her husband and funds her candidacy.

I must say, every time I see a picture of Rep. Boebert in her high heels with a gun strapped to her hip, I wonder how we on the Western Slope lost our common sense and elected a do-nothing carnival barker who spends her time “owning the libs” and refusing to do the job she was elected to do.


Glade Park

Sacrifices to the COVID gods don’t actually work

Everyone struggles with the realization that they have made poor decisions. Sometimes the results of poor personal decisions severely impact family members, neighbors, friends and coworkers. A lot of us have experienced this. It’s really hard to admit a mistake and to do what might be needed to correct the error and its impacts.

The more public the decisions are and the more fiercely the decision-makers defend that poor decision, the harder it is to walk back from it in a way that resolves some of the harm.

It strikes me that the Mesa County Commissioners, the local School District and Colorado Mesa University are at that point regarding COVID policy. It’s humiliating to admit that you dove into the deep end, with so little consideration of the risks, and, it’s really difficult to admit that when you act against all prevailing expert advice, sometimes things go very badly. The tightrope one must walk to continue this path is really evident in the recent lengthy, rambling encyclical from the school district regarding mask policy.

Additionally, The Daily Sentinel’s Editorial for Tuesday, Dec. 28 I think was a similar, unproductive tightrope walk. Thankfully, in my mind, the Sentinel showed a little more productive thought in the Dec. 29 Editorial.

It’s far too easy to offer up other people, their grandparents, mothers and fathers and children to the COVID gods as a sacrifice to save yourself. And, it looks like sacrifices to the COVID gods are not all that effective in the long term!

It seems like every society on earth has resorted to sacrifices in an effort to influence events, mostly leading to ineffective destruction of parts of their own societies. Think attempts to influence weather, natural disasters, disease. I guess we’re in good company.

We know that with the benefit of current scientific knowledge, instead of sacrifices to the gods, relying on experts and doing the inconvenient things that you know slow the progress of any disease, are the most effective tools for the protection of each of us and our communities. Vaccinations and masking!

The continuing conversion of this worldwide COVID pandemic experience into a social and political management problem from a deadly serious public health emergency is surely to blame here.


Grand Junction

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