How could a gun fired at point-blank range miss a policeman?

Old newspaper clipping shows Augusta policeman J.R. Rouse and the pistol fired at him in 1976.

Why didn’t the gun fire?

No one seemed to know then, and almost 50 years later we still don’t know. But Augusta Police Officer J.R. Rouse is glad that on a Monday night in November 1976, a bullet headed toward his mid-section jammed in the barrel of a .32-caliber handgun.

According to the story in The Augusta Chronicle, Rouse, then 31, and his partner noticed a man stagger out of a bar on Milledgeville Road near Roselle Street.

He looked drunk, said Rouse, a police veteran known as “R.C.”

There was a lot of traffic, so Rouse and the partner, a police cadet, got out to get the man some help or place him in custody.

The man fell as they neared the police car. Rouse leaned down to help him and the man came up with the pointed pistol and said, “I’m going to kill you.”

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