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AmmoLand News on Telegram 10/2021

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In recent weeks the Telegram app has experienced explosive growth.

Russian-born Pavel Durov, along with his brother Nikolai, is the founder and creator of Telegram. Pavel Durov once won fame as ‘Russia’s Mark Zuckerberg’ before being pushed out of his first company—and his home country.

“Telegram, another messaging platform similar to Whatsapp, gained ground on its rivals after Facebook faced a six-hour outage on Monday. The company added over 70 million new users in a single day.

The founder of the company, Pavel Durov said in a post in his own channel, “The daily growth rate of Telegram exceeded the norm by an order of magnitude, and we welcomed over 70 million refugees from other platforms in one day.”

Regular readers of AmmoLand News have been asking us for our TG page link? We had kept our page announcement under wraps for a few weeks as the page populated with our current news stories and now here it is! We are prepared to keep reporting and bring the heat to gun banners but we can’t do it alone we need you viewing, liking, commenting, and sharing our hard-hitting reports with your fellow Americans and the world.

AmmoLand News investigative journalist John Crump had this to say about Telegram.

“We hear a lot about platforms being for free speech or allowing for anonymous speech. But most have restrictive terms of service or can be subpoenaed.

Telegram is not only a true free speech platform but has shown the will to move the company to a different country before handing over customer records. They protect the whistleblowers that makes my job possible”, said John.

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