Gun Meme of the Day: At Least They’ve Seen the Light Edition

I expect the full-court press on them attempting to get their vote-stealing law passed, but I seriously doubt they can rally the 50 votes so the VP can break the tie.

You can plainly hear their desperation, like Biden’s little speech earlier. We have made serious progress in the states that were stolen from us in 2020, and it’s gonna be a lot harder for them to repeat that trick in 2024.

They are scared, Justice Breyer wants to retire, but we can hold that SCotUS seat open if they are unable to retake the Senate later this year, and that’s looking highly unlikely at this point.

If Breyer just ups and retires, that makes the court that much more conservative until the seat can be confirmed and seated by whoever is president next, and controls the senate at the same time.

Frankly, I’m *loving* watching them twist in the wind with their fake tears. if Breyer exits the court and we regain the WH in 2024, that means the SCotUS balance tips to 7-2 in our favor.

Just *imagine* the work we can get done with a 7-2 Supreme Court.

They have no one but themselves to blame for their current predicament. They were the ones that chose to run Clinton, and they are paying dearly for that fuck-up.

(I’m giggling like an 8 year-old school girl imagining the *possibilities*)…

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