‘It’s a tragedy for humanity’; former project coordinator during the war details growing crisis in Afghanistan | News

TUCSON (KVOA) – Katy Anis lived in Afghanistan from 2002 – 2006.

During the first few years of war, Anis led a literacy project helping Afghan women learn how to read.

Anis is now based in Maryland. She continues to talk with former colleagues on the ground who worked on U.S. Aid funded projects.

Anis believes these individuals currently face a dire situation in their home country.

“It’s a tragedy for humanity knowing people are slipping through our fingers every second,” she said. “The people who are left and stuck in Afghanistan are facing a humanitarian crisis, of the basic things like food and enough fuel to stay heated when it’s 10 degrees outside and of much graver threats, threats to their life. Talibs are coming into houses, taking people, killing them and leaving no trace.”

Tucson City Councilman Steve Kozachik continues to sound the alarm.

“They’ve got Taliban standing outside their homes with AK-47s, they’ve had relatives abducted, tortured and murdered,” Kozachik said. “Why is the system broken, because, people are losing their lives because our government can’t figure out a way to get them here.”

Kozachik has worked for weeks to try to bring Afghans safely to Southern Arizona. However, Kozachik tells News 4 Tucson lots of red tape is making it very difficult.

“I do not for a second buy the notion that we have to follow all these protocols and rules,” he said. “And the reason I don’t believe that is because we saw our government put 71,000 people into the process and bring them and they did the vetting here.”

Anis knows something needs to be done and time is of the essence.

“In another situation, I’d say let’s fix the problem,” Anis said. “But, in this situation, people need to exit. People need to stay alive and I think in this situation we need to help those who are under direct threat from being associated with the U.S. government. We need to care.”

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