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Avatr 07 interior spied as car readies to launch in China

In the run up to the likely launch of the Avatr 07 in the third quarter we now have new…

Mark Andrews Mark Andrews

Chinese government rushes to shore up struggling property sector with new policies

On Wednesday, the People’s Bank of China held a meeting in the northeastern province of Shandong, which focused on speeding…

Kandy Wong Kandy Wong

Will China’s historic paper on Chang’e-6 lunar far side samples be in English or Chinese?

When China’s Chang’e-5 mission in 2020 retrieved the first lunar samples in decades from the moon’s near side, the first…

Dannie Peng Dannie Peng
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Shein sought to reassure US over China supply chain ahead of IPO

Shein privately sought to convince US politicians and regulators that the fast-fashion…

Ryan McMorrow Ryan McMorrow

South China Sea collision, AI-powered sexbots, Malaysian ‘ghost marriage’: 7 highlights

Chinese scientists and engineers are applying ChatGPT-like technology to sex robots, aiming…


New York, London could ‘show China the way’ to a climate-proof future

China needs to follow the example of global metropolises such as London…

Kamun Lai Kamun Lai

What are electrolysers? How is hydrogen produced and how do fuel cells use the energy?

When the hydrogen is consumed, the process is reversed. In vehicles, the…

Eric Ng,Yujie Xue Eric Ng,Yujie Xue

US lawmakers meeting Modi after Dalai Lama signals New Delhi shift on China: analysts

As images of Modi with the US delegation were shared on social…

Khushboo Razdan Khushboo Razdan

Italy issues US$6.4 million fine over Chinese cars badged as Italian

Italy’s antitrust authority fined a local automobile company €6 million (US$6.4 million)…

Bloomberg Bloomberg

New Huawei-backed Aito M7 Ultra delivers 10,000 cars in 18 days

Right at the beginning of the month we reported that the Aito…

Mark Andrews Mark Andrews

Chinese EV firms urge Beijing take ‘most stringent’ measures against EU, allege ‘snooping’

After a seven-month investigation into subsidies in China’s EV sector, the EU…

Ralph Jennings Ralph Jennings

China’s revealing struggle with childhood myopia

NO ETHICS committee would let researchers trap millions of children indoors for…

Turonzamin Administrator Turonzamin Administrator