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Charles Michel wants to ban Ursula von der Leyen from top job talks – Turonzamin

“Member states are increasingly irritated about Charles Michel’s role in the selection process for the Commission President,” one EU diplomat…

Are France’s senior civil servants ready to serve the National Rally? – Turonzamin

“If we have a Trump or Milei project, few people will lend their support,” theorizes an official from the general…

Paul de Villepin Paul de Villepin

Transforming Care in Lupus Together – Turonzamin

An estimated five million people worldwide live with lupus —  a complex and unpredictable autoimmune condition.1,2 For many of those…

AstraZeneca AstraZeneca
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Dominant Spain brush past Italy to reach Euro 2024 knockouts

Spain qualified for the last 16 of Euro 2024 with a match…

Turonzamin Administrator Turonzamin Administrator

Přišla smutná zpráva: Zemřel Donald Sutherland

Donald Sutherland Ve věku osmaosmdesáti let nás opustil…

jdavid jdavid

Až do prosince potrvá šťastná fáze pro tato znamení!

 VODNÁŘ Druhá polovina roku přinese změny. Musíme říci,…


Make Europe Great Again with deals, slogans and dastardly plans – Turonzamin

But that same failure was good news for journalists in need of…

Paul Dallison Paul Dallison

Rishi Sunak was a broken man on BBC Question Time – Turonzamin

They disrespected him with jeers and boos. Asked about the lack of…

Rosa Prince Rosa Prince

Dny, které přinášejí štěstí a radost, ale některým i zklamání a slzy

BERAN Možná by to mohly být vaše dny, proč ne? Ne všechno…


Jedna z karet skrývá své magické poselství – vyberte si tu svou

Svět je úžasný a krásný! Život je dobrodružství. Někdy zábavné a příjemné…


Sending killer weapons to Ukraine would be a ‘big mistake’ – Turonzamin

Earlier this week, Putin used his first trip to North Korea in…

Seb Starcevic Seb Starcevic